Saturday, May 31, 2008

Grandma's Pool is Open for the Summer!

Jace having swimming lessons!

Grandma Sue's pool is officially open for summer! Yea! Our boys love to swim and they love to go to grandma's house. This definately beats buying a season pass anywhere. We can go over anytime and swim and play and if they get tired they can go inside and take a nap or watch a movie. It is awesome. Her house is so fun...she has the pool, sand box, sports court, little play house and all the treats that these little monkey's can eat! She spoils them. This year Sue (Bo's mom) has gone to town with flowers and landscaping! It looks so beautiful in her yard. I can't wait to see it when all the flowers bloom. This summer is going to be so fun. It will be great having grandma's pool and a little baby. It will make it so easy for me!!!

Freezer Meals!

Me and 7 other girls including my sisters all get together once and month and make freezer meals. This is the best idea! We all go home with 9 meals each for our families. So 9 times out of the month you don't have to cook!! Yea! You just throw it in the oven. It is so much fun. We all get together and it takes us about 3-4 hours and make the meals. The food is actually really good too. My kids and husband love it. We made chicken pot pie, tortilla soup, chicken mounds, meatloaf, cheesy potatoes, kabobs, stuffed chicken marsala, and a couple more. The other thing that I love is if you need to take someone already have one done. It's great!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Luke's Kindergarten Graduation!

Luke had his kindergarten graduation today! I wasn't able to make it (last doctors appointment) but Bo took Ryker and they said he did an awesome job. He had a little part-he had to say "Y is for Yes, it's been a great Year" He said he wasn't even nervous. He is getting so big! He told me he got all Y's on his report card. "Which is really good!" We are so Proud! Good Job Luke!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Oakley's baby room!

My Aunt Cathy asked me to post a picture of my baby room! So here it is! It is not all the way done and I still want to do a lot of fun and different things to it. But here it is for now. I wanted something a little different than the normal pink little girls room so I went with something a little more bold. I think it fits my.. and hopefully her personality!:)

Monday, May 19, 2008

Ryker Graduated from Preschool!!

Yea! Ryker graduated today! He went to Appletree Schoolhouse in Kaysville. They did the cutest little program where they sang songs and recited little poems. I must have this emotional pregnancy thing because I got all teary eyed when he started to sing. He is getting so big. I have to say that Ryker is was the cutest one in his class! He knew all the words and actions. His dad Ben and his wife Pam came to watch too. So he thought he was so cool that everyone came to watch him. After it was done he said "Mom are you so proud of me" ! I told him that I was and that he was the best one in his whole class. I also said he looked the toughest and that he knew all the words to everything and how much I LOVED him. I got all emotional when he said that. He was just beaming after! I told him we could go get lunch any where he wanted cause he did such a good job...he was so excited and picked Jake's over the top (his favorite place cause of the frysauce and ice cream)haha

Pool Party

The first POOL party! Jeff and JaNeen had a little pool party! Their backyard is AMAZING!Everyone had such a good time! Jeff got a crew of boys to lay all the sod and when they finished they went for a dip in the pool. Our boys were so excited to go swimming for the first time this summer. They couldn't get enough of the slide, jumping and doing flips off the diving board, and sitting with all the ladies in the hot tub. The older boys like Bo and Ike and a few others played a little ball on their sports court and the girls all layed out getting suntans. Me, of pictures since I am ready to burst any day now! Their backyard is unbelieveable. Its everything you could think about in their backyard! They just planted 40 trees and are having over 130 scrubs to be planted today. I can't wait to see it when they get it completely finished! We are definately going to spend plenty of time at their pool this year! The boys can't wait to go back again. Thanks Jeff and Janeen!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Summer Haircut

Before with wet drippy hair!

Can you believe I cut all of Ryker's hair off! There goes my little curly surfer dude. It was getting a little long and either you loved it long or you hated it. You ask any guy and they told me to give him a haircut and you ask a girl and they Loved it long. So for summer he said he wanted a short haircut...and that's what he got. He loves it cause he can do it Spikey! I think he looks so dang cute! He looks like a totally different kid. He hasn't had his hair this short for a long time so it's funny to see him with it. Thanks Aunt Jenny!(she cut it for me)He is a total babe!

Paez Shoes!

Some of my new favorite shoes are Paez shoes! They are so comfortable. Daniel opened a store in the University mall this last month. They are so cute on! They have all different colors and designs. They even have them for guys! Go check them out or let me know and I can get you a pair! You will love them.

Friday, May 2, 2008

The Bullet Train

While Sara was in the hospital Grandma Gardner had a sleepover with all the kids and the next morning decided to take them all on a ride the new Front Runner. They started at her house and went to Salt Lake and then I met them here at the Farmington stop on the way back. It is the coolest thing. Ryker said he had so much fun on the "bullet train". For the mom's with kids who watch the disney channel you will know what he means now. He thought it was so cool cause he got to ride on the upstairs seats. This is going to be the awesome for us because we live just right by the stop. We can cruise into salt lake or big deal. I am loving it.

Baby AVA!!

My sister Sara had a new baby this last tuesday! She was 6lbs 10oz, 20"long and so dang cute. She has a ton of strawberry-blonde hair!! Sara is the woman. She had this baby totally natural!!! I couldn't believe she did it. My other sister Jenny and I were in the delivery room watching with tears from Sara's pain but tears of joy at the same time. It was amazing! After she had the baby it was like she was back to normal...she was up walking around like it didn't even hurt or that she had a baby! She is so amazing. Sara doesn't have a blog so I have to brag and show her off to everyone!!