Saturday, May 31, 2008

Grandma's Pool is Open for the Summer!

Jace having swimming lessons!

Grandma Sue's pool is officially open for summer! Yea! Our boys love to swim and they love to go to grandma's house. This definately beats buying a season pass anywhere. We can go over anytime and swim and play and if they get tired they can go inside and take a nap or watch a movie. It is awesome. Her house is so fun...she has the pool, sand box, sports court, little play house and all the treats that these little monkey's can eat! She spoils them. This year Sue (Bo's mom) has gone to town with flowers and landscaping! It looks so beautiful in her yard. I can't wait to see it when all the flowers bloom. This summer is going to be so fun. It will be great having grandma's pool and a little baby. It will make it so easy for me!!!


Burton Family said...

Lucky I wish I had somewhere free to take the kids for summer entertainment. Hey I noticed you are getting close to that special day, if you need anything let me know.