Wednesday, July 30, 2008 sweet girl!

Celebrating the 24th at BEAR LAKE!

Bear Lake!!!
The girls playing Dominoes
The boys playing purudo

Oakley in her swimsuit. Wrestling matches (of course)

Little babes on the beach
The dirty boys after a four-wheel and Razor ride.
Why use the boat...We have Daniel!! :)
Love this boy!

Mud fights
Cute little Molly
The hot tub

For the 24th we went to Bear Lake. We had a group of about 37 people which made it so much fun. We had two of my sisters and two of my brothers families and some friends. I will have to say it has been one of my most fun trips up their yet. We took the boat up and went boating, road on the Super Mable tube, played games on the beach, Daniel and Jamie having mud fights, watched movies outside on the grass with a projector screen at night, Ryan brought up his Razor machines, which Ryker could not get enough of...he would have rode them all day if he could, and we had the best food. What is great about Bear Lake is that it is shallow a ways out so all the kids can play everywhere. I dont think Ryker even got out of the water all day. The kids had so much fun just building a hot tub out of sand. We were all on the beach and saying how great it is to sit on the beach and do nothing! Thanks to all those who came and for all your help. We will have to do it again next year!

4th of July...

These last couple of weeks have been so fun but so busy! I am finally posting the fourth of July! It was a blast. The day started with the Kaysville parade. Which the boys had so much fun. They got candy and at the end of the parade they have a huge water-fight where they have water trucks spray the crowd. It was crazy wet. So after we went swimming at Grandma Sue's house. We brought the waterslide and put part of it in the pool so they could slide down and go in the water. They boys were in the water All Day! By 8:30 that night we told them if they wanted to go see fireworks they better get out. We then went to the Clearfield fireworks (the best fireworks ever), and by the end of the show we got in our car and as soon as they sat down they fell asleep. What a great Fourth!

Sleepy Heads!


I laugh every time I look at these pictures! They look like totally different kids!
Check out how low Rykers ears are! ha ha
Luke even drew sharks teeth around his mouth with marker! I love these boys!