Sunday, November 2, 2008


Cute little Oakley watching the parade.

For school Ryker dressed up as a Vampire. It was so funny because the night before we buzzed his head so when we sprayed it black and made him look like a vampire nobody knew it was him. He looked like a totally different kid. He walked though the school parade and then we had a little halloween party with his class. He thought he was pretty cool and scary!!

Trick or Treat

We had so much fun this Halloween. This year we had all the boys! Yea! They all went with the star wars theme, except Oakley. She definatley had to be a little fairy. She was darling. They were so funny trick or treating... they ran as fast as they could to every house and within a half an hour they were all laying on the grass between houses...worn out. We went with Papa Lee for a little while then hit Grandma and Grandpa Gardner's. Happy Halloween!