Wednesday, February 25, 2009

D-A-N-I-E-L!!!...Cage Fight!

My parents scared to death before the fight!
Ryker couldn't wait to go give Daniel a hug!

Team Gardner!!
Friday Night Fights! Daniel had his big fight! He totally killed the guy! He put him in a "Camora" where he just about snapped the guys arm off and made him tap-out! It was AWESOME! We all started to chant D-A-N-I-E-L! It was crazy! I am so happy he won. I like to watch the fights but just don't like it when it's a family member. I was so nervous and scared for him. I hadn't heard anything about the other guy so going and watching it was pretty intense. Ryker was so proud and always brags to everyone that his uncle is the toughest guy around...which he really is. Congratulations Daniel! You are a Stud! I just hope that was your last fight! Too Scary!

Seafood Buffet

Menu: Scallops, Salmon, Tuna, Shrimp, Sushi, and Crab!! This weekend we had a Seafood buffet! I will have to say I usually am not a huge seafood lover...but this weekend everything was so good. Did you check out the crab! It was sooo good. The king crab, I couldn't believe how big it was! We had so much fun that night. We had dancing, cheers, tricks, games and ate and ate and ate. (so much for a diet) There is never a dull moment with us. We have so much fun together as a family. We were lucky to have my aunt and uncle from Seattle and my cute grandma with us. They are always so much fun to have around and wish they all lived closer. Thanks so much for the fun night and all the great food!

Sue's Birthday!

They made Sue ride the horse

while we sang "Happy Birthday" check out Ryker...he thought that was sooo funny.

Lauren, Nate and Sue

Nat and Jared
It was Sue's 60th Birthday!! (hope she doesn't get mad I told everyone her age :)) We went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner that night. She was pampered all day at the spa and we met up with her later that night. She is such a great mother-in-law. She always does so much for our family and spoils us to death!!! She has such a good heart and is always willing to help those in need. She is such a good grandma and our kids beg to go over to her house. She always has an endless supply of m&m's at her house and I usually find pockets full of them when we get home from her house. :) She is so wonderful! Thanks so much for all you do for us. Happy Birthday! We love you! Also, for those who read... she is single! So any hot, attractive, well built, wealthy, religious, fun, happy, and did I say hot men....need to hook it up with her!!! :)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Boys and Toys

We took the boys to the Monster Jam last night! This is a total boy thing. We had the best seats right next to the ramp so we could see everything. I thought it was going to be a little white trash...but the boys loved it! They were screaming and laughing and thought it was so cool. They thought it was awesome every time they crushed a car. The trucks were huge and soooo LOUD. They all had ear plugs in- thank goodness. Then out came the motorcross... they were awesome. They jumped off ramps and did tricks and flips and the boys were amazed. It was crazy some of the stuff they could do. This morning all of them were running around the house being Monster trucks and doing all of the tricks. haha It was fun to see.. but next time I think I will let dad just take the boys and Oakley and I will go shopping. :)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Sticky Sucker! haha

So Ryker came home today with all his fun Valentine's from school, and he decided to share with Oakley! She loves suckers. So I put her in the high-chair and let her go to town on it. Well I went out of the room for a little....came back in to check on her and saw the sucker stuck to her face! haha! Ryker and I busted a gut. She didn't know what we were laughing about until she didn't know where her sucker was!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sewing Day!

Before and After

Cute little Oakley!

I put a long sleeve shirt on under because it was a little cold today!

Courtney's bean bags
Ellies pajama bottoms

Yesterday we had a sewing day! We all met at the rec room with our little projects. It was so much fun. I made Oakley a dress...I think it turned out so cute! We all wanted to make our girls something fun for them to wear. Jenny made a little dress for Molly, Sara made all three girls matching valentine's skirts. Courtney made little bean bags for her girlfriends, Ellie made pajama bottoms, my mom made a little dress and some little pants for Ava and Molly, and Janeen made a little skirt for Paisley. Thank goodness my mom was there for some sewing lessons!! It was fun to see all of them turn out so cute. My dad was the cook!! We were sewing away and he kept bringing us food. Homemade cookies, smoothies, and Philly steak and cheese sandwiches on fresh baked bread! Seriously it was so good. So not only did we have fun sewing but eating too. We definitely need to do this again!!