Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A little Getaway to Seattle

Waterfalls everywhere

Moss all over the trees
This is what the roads looked like driving down. So pretty
Sexy Bo!
Pike's Market
(kind of a goofy picture, it was the only one we took together)
We just got back from Seattle. Bo had to go for work and I tagged along. I will have to say it was a blast!! We flew into Portland and drove along the Columbia River to some property Bo is working on...and the scenery was Gorgeous. Waterfalls everywhere, and the coolest bridges. Along the roads were covered with trees and everything was so green and so pretty to drive down. I couldn't believe it. Bo had more meetings in Seattle so we headed up there. It was just fun to drive around and stop to check things out together. We stayed in the nicest hotel right by the water, with a mile long pier to run and walk on. The next morning while Bo was in meetings and checking out more property...he booked me some time in the spa!!! A well-needed massage, steam room, and a little pampering. It was amazing. It made me realize I need to do that more often. (ya right, who has time for that) We had a little time before our plane left so we went to Pike's Market. I have never seen it before so it was fun to walk down and see all the produce, seafood and little shops. It really made me appreciate our seafood buffet we had not to long ago. So yummy. We ate at a little chowder cafe and had the best chowder I have ever eaten. (Sorry Ken and Cathy we didn't have time to stop by. We were on a tight schedule.) This was such a fun getaway for me. Thanks Bo for taking me with you!! It was so fun! I love you! (We left Oakley with my Mom and she was a little sick so I couldn't have asked for a better babysitter. Thanks Mom!)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Love Note!

Luke is such a sweet-heart. He was so cute with Bo this weekend. He wanted to write him a note and hide it somewhere so Bo could find it. He taped it to the T.V. (which for sure he knew he would be able to find) and closed the door. Luke was so funny and kept telling Bo to go watch t.v. Bo didn't know what was going on and kept ignoring him. After awhile Bo went in and opened the door and there it was- the sweetest love note. Luke is in the 1st grade and I think he did a pretty good job sounding the words out to spell. (so cute) Bo just about melted when he read it out loud. He told Luke that he was going to keep it forever and how much that meant to him. Thanks Luke you made Dad's day! We love you!
"I love you. I'm so glad when daddy comes home. You are the best Dad ever. From Luke. To Dad"

Get me out of here!

I went into Oakley's room and for the first time she is standing up in here crib! She is getting so big! The start of her trying to climb out is now going to begin. I am not ready for that. I just love that face and with that cracks me right up. She must have been playing in there for a while with that wet shirt and for her to be able to pull herself up. So funny. Love the bed-head and runny nose! ha She is now 9 months and has been so much fun. She is the best baby. Bo and I always say to each other how much we just LOVE this girl. She has been such a blessing in our family and we are SO thankful to have her!!!