Sunday, April 19, 2009

Baseball Season

Love it!!

Ryker thought he was the pitcher, hopefully one day!
My favorite picture! Luke #1 and Ryker #2
Ryker hitting
Luke up to bat.
What?!..... Ryker playing with the dirt...scooping it up and blowing it out of his hands. He ended up getting out because he wasn't paying attention! haha
Luke on first, he soon made it to home!!
Oakley entertaining herself by eating rocks!
I have been waiting for this day for a long time. Baseball Season!!! This is Ryker's first year playing. He didn't want to do tee-ball, he thought that was for babies. So he is doing machine-pitch. He did awesome! He hit the ball every time and got on base. Now that he got on base....if we could keep him focused on the game instead of playing with the sand, I think he would be pretty good:) Ben, his dad is the coach and he did a great job. Luke played on a tee-ball team this last year, so he knew what to do and did great. He ran the bases and scored twice! We need to get Luke some baseball gear at our house so when he is here, he can play in those games. I am glad he got to play this one. The boys played against one of Ryker's best friends Dylan. It was Dylan's turn up to bat and I yelled to Ryker jokingly to catch Dylan's ball....Ryker looked at me like I was crazy and said "Why would I want to get my best friend out?" Obviously Ryker does not have a competitive bone in his body. (Hopefully it will come) We need to send our boys down to Clay's house for some baseball camps! They idolize Clay! My brother Tim is the coach and his team is amazing! One day, hopefully my boys will be as good as him!!! I am loving life. Nothing better than this. I think I had as much fun as they did!!

A day at the Park

We had a sleepover with my cute nephew Jake. They had so much fun. Thankfully it was a warm day so we went to the park. They first wanted to write a note so that when they went to park they would have a club "the he-man woman haters", and every girl would have to give them a KISS if they wanted to come in. Pretty creative....I can only imagine when they get older. They were playing all day and had so much fun, I didn't even get them dressed or do their hair...little rugrats! They were in heaven. Too bad none of them got a kiss. Bo was throwing Oakley up in the air and she was laughing so hard!!! She is so dang cute. I can't get enough of her. She wanted him to keep doing it over and over. She loved it. Later that night when we put the kids to bed. They all wanted to sleep out in the family room together. Jake wanted to sleep inside the couch. He thought that was so funny. We kept hearing little noises while he was under there.....for some reason they were kind of stinky! haha They all were laughing so hard. Fun times. Thanks Jake! We love you. We need to do it again soon.

Oakley in about 5 years?!

My cute girls

Jace is a goof-ball. He put on my nieces sweatshirt then ran in Oakley's room and put on her headband and was running around the house. Then it dawned on me that this is probably what Oakley may look like when she is about five!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Dresses!

Oakley's dress

The girls

(and yes that is Jamie in the back holding her up)ha ha

Lauren, Ava, and Courtney

My mom made Emma's and Mckalyn's...too cute!
Oakley was so done with pictures!!

This Easter we all made our girls Easter Dresses. I think they all turned out so cute!! I loved Oakley's dress. I wish it was a little warmer so she didn't have to wear the sweater, but she was darling in it. I ended up making the flower a headband. What was great is that all the girls dresses turned out so different but so cute. We all had fun and at times frustration... I think Jenny only threw her dress across the room once, I gave up and was going to go buy one then made my mom help, Jamie's pattern was wrong or something :), and Sara's tooling on the bottom of her three dresses gave her a headache. But to see them in those little dresses after they were done, was pretty rewarding!!! It was fun to get together and sew them. I have just loved making Oakley's clothes this last year. We have all been in the sewing mood. I can't wait for my next projects! I will keep you posted!!

Easter fun!!

Food Family Fun
Steal the Flag

Bo going after Luke! Luke barely made it over the line. :)

Going over their game plan
Daniel and Bo getting ready to battle
Little girls swinging
Cute Ava and Emma

Grandma made Bunny cakes! Yummy!
All the kids dancing to Lady Gaga..."poker face". They all have the best dance moves.

Oh "baby"
Bunny Hop!

After church we all got together at the Rec Room for Easter dinner. (Any opportunity to get together and we all take advantage!) We, like always have the best food and entertainment. This year was a major game of steal the flag. I haven't played it in years and forgot how much fun it was! The great thing about it was everyone could play! Little Jake and Brooks were the MVP's! They are so little and fast, that they stole the flag every time. The weather was perfect, we were all playing bare foot (I guess that explains my kids runny noses). It was so fun. We all ended up with grass stain pants and cold toes! ha After that the night had just begun. The little kids danced the night away. They brought out their best dance moves and tricks. We had a few competitions,(tradition every time we get together) which included hand-stand contest and for the men pull-up contest! Bo, of course won!!! And what would Easter be without the bunny hop! Everyone had such a good time! What a blast it was this year! Happy Easter! I hope yours was as fun as ours!!!

Easter Sunday!

My cute family!
Love them!!!
Cute little Oakley!


Jace wanted to try one out...nice face.
Batman Egg

Check out Jace's hands...haha

I see one...right behind you!!!

Easter Morning was so much fun this year! We had all the boys and little Oakley! This was the first year we all colored eggs together! It was pretty comical....they didn't want to make the prettiest eggs, they wanted to dip them in every color and make them brown or black or see how gross they could make them. Total Boy! (I can't wait for Oaks to get a little older, girls are different.) All that matters is that they had a good time. That morning they got up pretty early and couldn't wait to see what the Easter bunny brought. To their surprise, it came but no sign of him inside....until they opened up the window and the entire backyard was filled will eggs. The Easter bunny was pretty tricky this year and hid some of them pretty good. They had so much fun and were laughing and trying to figure out how he did it. It was such a fun morning!