Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cold Western Caribbean Cruise???!

Key West
Formal night and Bo's birthday!!!
Happy Birthday BO!!!
Our waiter was trying to be funny and put this on his head.

Adam and Holly
The girls we went with
The "Bo Show" this is Greg and Bo entertaining us.
Grand Cayman
All our excursions were canceled because of the Haiti they took us to some lame dolphin and turtle farm. Seriously Lame.
Our boat
On the beach in Jamaica

Bo dancing around the dinner table
Bo and his buddies: Adam and Greg
Don't really know what we are trying to do.
This was one of the traditions....sitting around at 1-2 o'clock in the morning eating cheese, olives, pizza, fruit, meat puffs, and strawberry ice cream cones. Every night, no lie. My pants got tighter and tighter each day!!:)
We went on a Western Caribbean Cruise with a few of Bo's good friends. I was expecting it to be really warm and were going to lay out all day....Not. We froze our butts off the whole week. It totally was a bummer. I got in my swimsuit maybe twice. Crazy!!! We made the best of it. Bo had his birthday so that was fun and when we got to Jamaica it warmed up enough to go snorkeling and jet skiing.....(thanks Greg and Heather for putting me on with some random Jamaican dude, who knows what he was going to do. He said "it was going to be the craziest ride of my life) ha ha! Oh and it was! :) All we did was eat and eat and eat. Seriously all we did was eat. Thank goodness Bo was there. He entertained us everyday. We all called it the "Bo Show" ...and it truly was. Some things he did, I was laughing so hard and some things I was about ready to crawl under my seat and hide. He was fun, he told better jokes than the comedian, danced with foreigners, made comments to random people, sang his little heart out, became best buddies with our tour guide Lee, and the rest shouldn't be told about. We had a good time and it was nice to get away....but next time it better be warm!! ha ha!!