Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Princess Party....Snow White!!!

Oakley's two favorite things: Snow White and Suckers (ring pop)
Snow White was so cute. Oakley had to go get her Snow White doll to show her!
Jenny, Lucy, and Tinkerbell (Molly)
Snow White brought her book and read to the girls. Oakley was glued to it. She couldn't get close enough! :)

Cute friends who came.

Snow White kiss

The mom's of the princessesOakley was trying to even feed her a Tinkerbell fruit snack.


Lauren, Ava, and Courtney

The little princesses

Later that night.....she turned into Tinkerbell (thanks for letting her wear it Molly)

My cute neighbor in my ward came up to me on Sunday and said "My daughter works for Disney, she is Snow White can she come visit Oakley!"

Me: "What are you serious! Snow White. Oakley is in love with Snow White." So first thing I called my sisters....Snow White is Coming! We threw together a princess party and while they were playing, Snow White knocked on the door. Oakley was star-struck! Snow White was beautiful. She played games, and read books, and signed a picture for each of the little girls to keep. It was such a fun and memorable day.

When does a Disney Princess show up to your house and play with your little girl?! I couldn't belive it. Thanks Snow White!


Cathy said...

Wow! How special to have Snow White! She looks like a darling girl.

Chad, Krissie, Sotera & Slade said...

Oh my gosh, so lucky!!! I so wish we still lived by you, Sotera would have been on cloud nine!!! Such a fun party!! You guys are so cute!! We miss your sweet family!!! MOVE TO ARIZONA!!!!!

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