Friday, January 29, 2010

Baby Lucy

Sweet Baby Lucy
Molly looking at her new sister for the first time....she was so cute already trying to stick the Binky in her mouth!
Cute Family
January 20,2010
The girls before the delivery!
Jenny had her baby! Yeah!!! Baby Lucy is so cute. I think she looks like Jenny with a little Molly....we will see. Everything went so well....I couldn't believe how easy it was. One push and she was out. It was funny because usually babies cry for awhile, oh not her she let out just a little "whaaa" and that was it. It was so cute. Jenny didn't even look or act like she had just had a baby. It was so fun to be there!! It makes me want a baby bad!! Jenny is the cutest girl- mommy too. These girls are going to have so much fun together. What would I ever do without my sisters!!!! Good Job Jenny!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Daniel in Haiti

Daniel trying to fill everyones buckets.
Pouring out the beans

Loving it!!!

This picture I love.....cute little boys!

I don't think I could carry that bag of beans then fight off the mob running behind him. Amazing!

Daniel, my little brother has been in Haiti this last week helping deliver food and transporting people and children in need. Here are a few pictures and a video clip (one of the many) showing what he has been doing. He has said it has been the "most rewarding thing he has ever done." I agree to that. I am so proud of him and jealous of the experience he has had. Good Job Daniel!! What a good example you are to me and our family. Jeremy Johnson is one of Daniel's good friends who owns the helicopters. In the clip, Daniel is in the white shirt, jumping out of the helicopter and tearing open the bags of beans. Can you only imagine eating beans..... We are so blessed!!!!