Tuesday, May 18, 2010

WACKY.....and the Ogden Marathon

Bo, Oakley and I....freezing cold and so windy before the race started.
Carly, Me, Bo, Nick and Lori
The Wacky group.
Oakley cheering on everyone running the Marathon.
Love that girl. :)

Sara and Ryan
My cousin Preston and Laura
Bo's dad Lee.
Luke and Jace running to the finish line! Check out Jace....barefoot. haha!
We had so much fun this last weekend running the 5K in Ogden. We ran with a WACKY group! WACKY stands for War Against Cancer in Kids and Young adults. Bo's step-brother Nick has had his struggle with cancer the last couple of years. It was so fun to be involved in this event with him and see all the money they raised to help others with cancer. It is amazing. Bo and I pushed Oakley in a stroller. (okay mostly Bo did the work :)) But we had so much fun together. My sister Sara and her husband Ryan ran the full Marathon together. I couldn't help myself from tearing up as they crossed the finish line. I don't know how they would want to do that! :) It is a huge accomplishment. This is Sara's 8th Marathon. She is so awesome! Bo's dad Lee also ran the Marathon. Luke and Jace thought it was so cool the run through the finish line with Papa Lee. We had such a good time that Bo thinks that he is going to run the next Marathon. Let's see! :)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Oh baby!

Coming November 21, 2010
(hopefully girl :) )